Powder coatings are an environmentally friendly coating solution offering superior performance for applications which require maximum abrasion resistance and hardness. Automobiles, major appliances, tool boxes, motorcycle frames, heavy duty equipment, computer chassis, office furniture, car parts and barbeques all benefit from the unique properties and cost efficiency of powder coatings. Element's outstanding range of powder coating technologies provide answers to just about any application challenge. All Element powder coating formulas are economical and backed by experience, technology and technical service. Element is committed to developing world-class quality and environmentally friendly products.
Epoxy powder coatings are an ideal choice for applications requiring ultimate corrosion resistance, excellent chemical and mechanical properties, exceptional adhesion and the ability to meet demanding specifications.
Epoksy Polyester Hybrids
Hybrid powder coatings are a blend of epoxy and polyester resins used primarily for indoor applications. They offer improved penetration into corners and recesses (Faraday Cage areas) and are less sensitive to overbake on curing than many other chemistries, making them suitable for use on appliances, radiators and other temperature-sensitive applications.
Polyester powder coatings are available in TGIC, TGIC-free and superdurable formulations. They are tough, attractive and demonstrate outstanding physical properties enabling them to withstand prolonged outdoor exposure, which makes them the coating of choice for lawn and garden furniture as well as other types of outdoor equipment.
Polyurethane powders are based on the thermosetting polyester resin and urethane hardeners for the application of decorative exterior and interior application where high smoothness, flow and durability are required. They demonstrate superior chip, mar and scuff resistance and they are highly resistant to humidity and salt spray.
Metallic Effect Powder Coatings
Element manufacturers a wide range of metallic effect powder coatings. From mica and aluminum metallics, to unique special effect powder coatings, Element metallic powder coatings exceed demanding specifications, and provide critical consistency to improve application.