Latest News
 May 2012 - Our exports sales reached 60% of total production

June 2012 - We buy new R & D laboratory test equipments (Q-UV, Q-Fog, Datacolor, multipicnometer)

July 2012 - Kayseri sales regional office was established 

September 2012
- We introduced a new logo and a new box design

October 2012 - We developed zinc-rich primer Zinc Undercoat product that used for corrosion protection

January 2013 - Our sales increased 30% compared to 2011

February 2013 - Istanbul Chemicals and Chemical Products Exporters' Association's publication in 2012, Paint, Varnish and Inks exports of category we moved up 16 order

March 2013
- We attended Interlakokraska exibition in Moskow 

April 2013 - Bi-color vein powder coating was developed 

August 2013 - Our new website is online

September 2013 - We attended PaintExpo Eurasia exibiiton in İstanbul  

November 2013 - The new bus stops of Konya Metropolitan Municipality were painted with Element 1M903S9007 RAL 9007   

March 2014
 - We attended Interlakokraska exibition in Moskow

July 2014 - Istanbul Chemicals and Chemical Products Exporters' Association's publication in 2013, Paint, Varnish and Inks exports of category we moved up 9 order 

September 2014 -   Our Blue Color Epoxy Powder Coating ELM EPX13 has satisfied the criteria set out in BS 6920,  and thus is suitable for use with hot (up to 85 °C) and cold water. Please clik here for test report.

March 2015 - We attended Interlakokraska exibition in Moskow

December 2015 -  Differential Scanning Calorimetry DSC equipment was taken to R&D laboratory. With this device we can measure the structure of polymer powder, glass transition temperature Tg, the reaction kinetics, cure level.